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I Hate Those Who Hate Me

I hate football
I hate demonstrator
I hate parking lot
I hate fanatic Moslems

I hate disco boy
I hate emo kids
I hate shoegaze
I hate straight edge

I hate it all because I’m a jealous guy
I hate it all because I’m uneducated
I hate it all because I’m a loser
I’m like a clown, but no one's laughing

I hate my job
I hate doctor
I hate policeman
I hate art worker

I hate hair metal
I hate transsexual
I hate tough guy
I hate action movies

I hate those who hate me!!!!

Got No Respect

Confusion, stop your playing around
Erection, I hate when you neglect
I got no respect for authority
Affection, I love when you react

When I against you doesn’t mean
I don’t love you anymore

We’re Friends We’re Gonna Stick Together

We have been thru it all, nights that’s bright, day that’s cold
I know you're frightened, because it's your time to change your life
Some people are smarter and others so dumb
Some people are so bad and others so nice
but they don't care who they hurt

We’re friends we’re gonna stick together till the end

Nothin` seems so clear the way we move my friend, and it’s so hazy.
Gonna get away from the darkness valley to the cloudedless sky you fly.
Just like we knew its not easy, not for a while we`re here to stay
We`re not those people fukkin lucky motherfukker but now we`ve got our way wider..
It’s blood fukkin’ streamin’ down…

To Many Anxiety In My Life

I worry about what have I become?
I worry about it's over before it starts
I worry if my friends against me
I worry if my parents die next year

Too many anxiety in my life

I worry if my grade’s down
I worry if I look dumb
I worry if they accuse me
I worry if I die young

I Wish I Got A Pill That Makes Me Sleep A Week

Every time I'm lyin' in my bed in the morning,
I don’t wanna face the day, don’t wanna see my bored parents,
don’t wanna face the headache don’t wanna stay in my hometown
I wish I got a pill that makes me sleep a week

Feeling heavy and hopeless, and feel like I’m cryin'
More troubles are gonna come, because they already push me around
I won't be sad about it, even if they treat me so bad
I wish I got a pill that makes me sleep a week

I’m tired of tryin' i'm tired of the pain
I hate the picture of your perfection
Because you got a belief in foolish miracles.
I wish I got a pill that makes me sleep a week

For The Dummies

I want you to know guys that we can’t be here without your support
I want you to know guys that we can’t handle it without your belief

They are the dummies, they are the road crew
They have been there from the early days, they are the road crew

Love and faithful from the dummies to us
Friendship and spirit from the dummies to us

I Salute Your Attitude

I salute your attitude if you wanna live like that
Live fast die young like a punk rock 101
Living on danger and then end up in a jail,
Ignore your family and commit suicide

But if you ask me to be a part of your pride”
I have to say “No!! Because we’re gonna make our own history!!”

I salute your attitude if you wanna live like that
Be a riot girl, travelling groupies, and end up in a bed.
Talking about gender abuse that never happens to you.
You say feminism is about making a boy as a toy.

We are singing aloud to show our generation.

Television Is A New Faith

Television is a new faith for the youth of this country,
They show you fake modern dreams

You see a man killed on the news today
You see a pornstar being a superstar
You see a beggar wins a billion
You see an idiot winner a talent show

I know you know that’s a fake entertainment

I see a ghost in the telly
I see a woman climb a tower
An octopus predict the world cup
A mouse beat a cat in cartoon

Beat On The Brat (Originally by The Ramones)

Beat on the brat
Beat on the brat
Beat on the brat
with a baseball bat
Oh yeah

What can you do? What can you do?
With a brat like that always on your back what can you lose?

I Only Could Hide In His Bedroom

I can no longer come to my boyfriend’s house
Because the house doesn’t like me
Because he said I’m not be free

The living room never allows me to sit down
His kitchen never offers me tea
His restroom pours water over me

O o o the bedroom loves me
O o o the bedroom loves me
O o and the rest of the rooms
Are jealous and kick me out

I only could hide in his bedroom

Putro Learn To Blues

Lead me through the night

It’s all that I can sing
I’m running out of wings
Send me an ugly angel so she could no longer hurt me

Only shadow in the wall
Who watches me burning
Frightened by my own breath, sicken by my own wealth

in my bed tonight (home demo)

This is the very first song we record as The Frankenstone. We remember it very well. A record which had been lost for so long, and was found inside a battered mp3 player. Find the lyric in our first album cover.

Place where I belong            

It’s every time you lie to me
And every time you spank through me
I’m sick of standing here
Being part by tears till I’m sinking

This soul keeps on dying,
 It’s far away from place where I belong
These walls keep on trapping 
It’s far away from place where I belong

It’s been away too deep
This weight of burden is keeping me down
Broking up my heart
It’s been away too far

I don’t want my sperm lost in vain

Taste on me, smell on yours, lick on mine, suck you harder
Chew my lips, fuck on me
Pleasure that makes you cry

I don’t want my sperm lost in vain, yeah…
When you’re lyin’ in my bed

Pussy through the ages

I was four when my Mama told me
That I have my precious pussy
Not to be shown to others
But Mommy and the doctors

I was six when my Mama showed me
The real appearance of her pussy
I couldn’t wait ‘till I got those hairs
So mine would look nice in my underwear

Touch me touch me I feel so happy
Touch me touch me I feel so bad
Touch me touch me I feel so happy
Oh yeah

I was twelve and I was so happy
Hair start grow covering my pussy
Though I have to bleed before it did
Glad I go it hair and much bigger tit

I was seventeen when I got a man
To make him happy I did all I can
I forgot what my Mama told me
I showed him my precious pussy
You’re not a baby boy anymore

My mother told me that I have to start a new life
Start to clean my own room, wash my own clothes
Not just sit around watch TV and play guitars
Go to work, go to school, get a fucking job!

I said I wanna making money with my guitars
And she said "Go ahead son but you're making a big mistake"
Only misery here, for me and my family
And something burning deep inside of me

“Face the day like a man you’re not a baby boy anymore!” she said

And then I finish my college with a good score
I have a job to keep me survive
And she still tells me that I have to change my live
Get another job and make more money

My mother tells me that I have obligation
I should marry a girl and will be settled
I say no because I have my own plan
I still wanna fool around and rock my world


Yesterday has been and gone
I just can't stop it,
I try and I try
Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools
God's rules
I'm a believer

You're playin' to win but you
Loose just the same.
I try and I try
Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools
God's rules
I'm a believer

I’m blind but I can see
Black and white, such a blur
I try and I try
Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools
God's rules
I'm a believer

“I promise a rebirth” you said
There's no point of view
I try and I try
Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools

Cold night

Cold night hard night I’ve been working for the devils
Cold night hard night I’ve been working for minimum wage

They will never understand
Will I be rich will I be poor
They will never give a shit
Will I be alive or I’ll be dead

Ride around town

He got a bike to ride around town
He got a bike to ride around town
He got a bike to ride around town
He got a bike to ride

He wears a colorful T-shirt a short pants
He rides around fast, as fast as he can
His fatty belly pushed up and down as his breath
He got a bike to ride

Now he starts to wet on the sport sweat
The sun gets hotter and also the wind blasts
He keeps sculling the pedal and goes ahead
He got a bike to ride

To be a rockstar is just 13 year old boy’s dream

I still remember waking up and listening Billie Joe singing on tape deck
I still remember waiting for a buss and playing NOFX in my walkman
I still remember skipping the class to learn Tim Armstrong’s song
I still remember getting fight because Mike Ness said “breaking up the rules”

Sometime I wanna back when I’m 13
When the future is bright
Sometime I wanna back to my teenage life
When I still can daydream to be a rockstar

I still remember dressing punk like Johnny Rotten does
I still remember building a band because I wanna be Johnny Ramone
I still remember learn singing aloud because Lemmy does that on my speakers
I still remember sleeping tight after Misfits sings me lullaby

Glorious Ship Quay (originally by Fullmoon)
Here is the time, no more fun now
The hardest way to get the finest fun at all
Look around boy, look at them, think what you’ve got
I know you can’t answer it, and you know it too. Cause you’ve got nothing
Say it loud, say it deeper, no more fun, shout it no more fun

You’ve got the big trouble now
They’ve been waiting for so long, and now you still sit doing nothing
Miracle, it doesn’t work for you, chimera is what you think
Wake up boy they are waiting for you
They’re love you much, don’t let them wait for just nothing
It’s not a rubbish, it’s an obvious, it’s each morning news

We’re here waiting for you, we’re always here waiting for the drink of glory
No more fun for the drink of glory, it’s a piecework
You got a get by what you’ve done

Leave it now, try harder don’t event glance
You have to get it now no more fun
You know what the fun is no more fun now
You’ve got the power, you’ve got the spirit

Commercial break

(Guitar solo)
Gisa : hey stop stop stop… STOP IT!
Putro :What???
Gisa: Why should we make a double album? Are we just want to show off or what?
Putro: Well, actually we can make it into an album, but… I cannot find the convenient playlist for the album. It’s too tiring to listen to it at once.
Gisa: Look at this, the kids’ side for the songs we like, and the adults’ side are the songs that we don’t like. Those songs are compiled and selected from more than 30 songs we recorded the past one year. But… look, I really don’t like the adults’ side! It’s just a bunch of craps, we should not release this!!! It’s just our playing in the bedroom, making noises, ah… I won’t buy a CD like this!
Putro : Yea, I think it sucks too! It doesn’t sound like a Frankenstone’s album, these home recording things, and other shits are just not our things!
Gisa : So why should we release the demos and the live recordings?
Putro : Why? Oh, I don’t know why either… I think it’s better than to let it rotten in my computer. Well, the other day a Woktherock guy from the Yesnowave.com said, “Hey Guys! I really really love your home recording songs, very very LOW FI!” and then he commanded, “Make a consept for the EP, and I’ll release that! I really loooove it!” and I just said, “Ooooo… well…. Aaaaa…. Ooookayyy..” though I my mind said “O, shit! I myself am embarrassed to listen to those songs! Whether it’s low fi, high fi, whatever fi, we don’t care!!! What a shitty odd veteran rocker…yeah you!!!”
Gisa :So then WHY we release this??
Putro : eeeeeeeee     eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee    eeeeeeeee
Gisa : You yourself are a shitty odd weirdo veteran bald rocker! Oh, I really want to make an album, like our first album. We tried hard to make an album like the first one, but we just can’t!
Putro : Ya! The first album is always the best!

Gisa : Are you fed up with many local band’s recording? Do you think that the cassette you are listening to is boring? Well, you can still buy our amazing first album!
Do you remember this? (Spend Away)
This is our very first hit and it still sounds great on the radio!        
Putro: Yeah we’re not ganna live forevah!!!
Gisa: Or this? ( I Try to be a Good Boy but I’m Fucked) Wow, this is our on stage hits! People go crazy when we play this song, na na na na na…
Putro: I can’t believe that I do this amazing guitar solos! I’m proud of myself, cool!!!
Gisa: (Come Back Home Lonely Boy) I always shed a tear to hear this song! What a lyric, what a great singalong, what a great harmony! I’m a fan of this song.
Gisa : This album CD is covered with beautiful illustration, made by our mate: Miftake. He also does the cover for our second album, which is in your hand, and our other artworks.
Putro: You can get this only by calling me on +6281578199900
Gisa: or calling me on +62856 4366 1297

Putro+Gisa: Don’t be Sad Don’t be Gloom The Frankenstone is Ugly is also available at shops near you, or download it for FREE at Yesnowave.com.

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